• 1. What is the specialty of Diamond?

    The specialty of Diamond lies in the fact that its precious as it is scarcely available all over the world. Another factor which makes it special is that it takes millions of years for a Diamond to get formed at a depth of 200 kms, at the temperature of 1700 to 25000 C.

  • 2. What are the 4 C's?

    The 4 C's are carat, cut, clarity and colour that determine the value of a diamond.

  • 3. What factors should be taken into account when Buying a Diamond?

    You need to consider the 4Cs of diamonds - Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight, as a base for your buying decision. They will help you buy the best diamond available, one that will sparkle your life.

  • 4. How should I look after my Diamonds?

    To maintain the shine and brilliance of Diamonds, you need to regularly clean it since wearing them over a period of time makes them dirty.

  • 5. What makes them Dirty?

    • Usage of various skin and body care regimen such as soaps, lotions and even skins natural oils.
    • Exposure to Dust, and other dirt materials.
    • Care On own cleaning , soak your jewellery in a small bowl of warm, soapy water made with any mild liquid detergent and household ammonia. After that gently brush the diamond jewellery with a soft toothbrush focusing only on the Diamond areas only. OR opt for Professional Help who will not only clean them, but also check security of the settings also.
      Always store Diamond jewelry individually in a soft cloth pouch to ensure that a diamond should not scratch other diamonds or other jewelry.
    • Never wear Diamond jewelry while doing heavy work.
    • Avoid situation wherein your diamonds come in contact with chlorine bleach, hair spray or other chemicals because they can pit or discolor the mounting.
  • 6. Are the diamonds sold by you real?

    Yes, they are 100% genuine diamonds and possess all the properties and characteristics of natural mined diamonds.

  • 7. Are your Diamond Jewellery certified?

    Yes, all Diamond jewelry from us will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity (a gemologist's evaluation of the stone's characteristics).

  • 8. I am keen on a particular shape of diamond that cannot be found as on now on your Site. Is it possible for me to get them from you?

    Most probably, yes. Just let us know what kind of Diamond you want and we will try our best to procure them for you.

  • 9. Its said that the larger the diamond, the more expensive it will be. Is it true?

    Not necessarily. Size is not a major factor in Diamonds. It is its brilliance or 'sparkle' and, therefore, its value, dependent upon the combination of a number of factors, mainly the "4Cs" - Cut, Carat size, Colour and Clarity, that is more important. Its advisable to always look for a Diamond that has the best combination of size and quality.

Jewellery Care

  • 1. How do I keep my Jewellery clean and safe?

    Regular maintenance and care of Jewellery on a regular basis will not only prolong the life of the jewelry, but ensure that the look is as fresh as the day the jewelry was made. To Keep your Jewellery clean and fresh, you need to:

    • To avoid excessive exposure of Jewellery to extreme hot and cold temperatures for they can cause irreparable damage including cracking, change of colour or loss of luster, to the Jewellery. Whether its Pearls or Opal or Soft stones like Coral or Amber, the consequences will be the same
    • To store your Jewelry individually in a soft cloth pouch or plastic zip-lock bags to ensure that a piece of jewelry or gemstone should not scratch other jewelry or gemstones. They should be kept away from sunlight.
    • To store your jewellery separately and in its original packaging, preferably a firm box out of direct sunlight and ensure that they do not scratch against or become entangled with other pieces. For instance, Softer stones, like pearls and coral when scratched against a harder gem like, Emerald or Amethyst or Aquamarine, face damage that can be devastating.
    • To ensure that when in transit protect Jewellery in a box or pouch.
    • To take it off first, at the end of the day, before going to sleep. This is to be done to avoid it being snagged and crushed
    • To ensure that Jewellery does not come in contact with chlorine bleach, hair spray or other chemicals because they can severely discolor and damage your jewelry as well as their settings
    • To never drop a piece of jewellery loose into a bag
    • To take care not to knock your Jewellery on hard surfaces such as door handles or glass tables, as the metal may dent and semi precious stones can crack or chip
    • To avoid wearing jewellery whilst doing housework or any kind of heavy work or when engaged in Gym work / Swimming / Gardening / Rock Climbing / Any sport activity or in bed or taking showers, since chances of damage are extremely high
    • To check the security of any stone set jewellery by shaking the item close to your ear. In case there is a slight rattle the stone(s) are no longer secure in their setting and should be checked before any potential loss 
    • To use a special solution of cloudy ammonia and warm soapy water or a silver cloth to clean your Jewellery at regular intervals. Leave it to soak for approx 10 mins and then give it a good scrub with a soft tooth brush to remove the dirt. This is recommended for all metal jewellery, diamonds & most precious gemstones
  • 2. Will chemicals in hot tubs, swimming pools or cleaning products damage my jewellery?

    Yes, they will. Chlorine and bromine are used extensively in Hot tubs, Swimming pools and Laundry products. Its known that Chlorine and bromine are commonly used chemical products in swimming pools, drinking water, hot tubs, laundry works, etc, to prevent bacteria from growing. But excess of these compounds results in a durability problem for jewellery settings. The more these chemicals in the water and the longer the exposure, the faster the deterioration of the jewellery settings.

  • 3. Is it possible to remove scratches that appear on my jewellery?

    Yes, it can be done.

  • 4. What precautions should be taken to keep jewellery safe & in good condition?

    To keep Jewellery safe and in good condition, you need to keep your jewellery away from

    • Perspiration.
    • Acids in the skin and elsewhere.
    • Makeup and skin creams.
    • Perfume.
    • Hairspray and insect repellent.
    • Talcum powder.
    • Dust and grit.
    • Ultrasonic cleaners.
    • Steam cleaning.
    • Soap & Detergent.
    • Chlorinated water in shower or pool.
    • Scratches from crystalline gemstones and metallic jewellery.
    • Dehydration from being wrapped in cotton wool or from exposure to light and heat.


  • 1. What I need to do to create my Personal Account on your Website?

    First of all, click 'Sign In' link available at the top of our website and 'Sign In' page will appear. You can see 'Create New Account' button. Just click it to get Registration Form. Fill in the needed details in respective fields and once done, click 'SUBMIT' button to submit your account information. If all of your details are correct, you will soon receive at your E Mail Id, your Registration No. The Next Time you browse, all you need to do is to go to 'Sign In' field, and enter your Registration No & Password.

  • 2. I have forgotten my Password. What should I do?

    Just go to Login Page and click 'Forgot Password' link and follow the instructions given. You will soon find your password vide an e mail from Surajbhan Jewellers in your e mail box

  • 3. How do I get my Account's Password changed?

    For that, you need to click 'Change Password' button just below 'Sign In' button. Just enter your Existing Password and your desired New Password in two separate boxes. On entering a New Password and clicking on the 'Change Password' button, your Account Password will be changed and a confirmation page will appear. Further, you will also receive a Password Change Confirmation email from our end.


  • 1. I am keen on buying a jewellery for my woman. What should I do?

    To begin with, take cues from your woman's jewellery box contents. You'll get to know whether she tends to favor yellow gold or a white metal such as silver or platinum. If her style is traditional, go for Diamond stud earrings or a Pearl necklace else if her style is more fashion-forward, consider chandelier earrings or cocktail rings. But avoid 10-karat or 24-karat gold.

  • 2. What important aspects are to be taken into account for buying Jewelry?

    While selecting jewelry for yourself or for someone, buy jewellery that matches the personality and age of the person for whom you are buying the Jewellery. Also, you need to think about whether you want to buy her jewellery for a specific occasion or for regular/daily use. In addition, you should ensure that stones of your jewelry are properly polished and with perfect symmetry, contain no visible blemishes or imperfections and above all, its fasteners, clasps and catches work properly and are secure.

  • 3. I am keen on buying a Diamond Jewellery for someone special in my life. What should I do?

    If you're looking to buy a diamond then you need to take into account the cut, color, carat and symmetry of the diamond.

  • 4. What factors I need to evaluate while buying Gold Jewellery?

    When buying gold jewelry, it is advisable to go for either 14 karat or 18 karat gold jewelry. You should never buy 24 karat gold jewelry because it is too soft, less durable and more expensive. You should also avoid buying less than 10 karat gold jewelry, as it appears dull.

  • 5. Does your showroom provide parking facility?

    There is usually pay & display parking available on the street outside the store. Else, there is ample parking available in the public parking area located in Lal Bahadur Stadium complex where you can park your vehicle.


  • 1. Do you provide Jewel customization services?

    A. Yes, we do provide bespoke design services. If keen on having a customized jewellery, please meet our team of jewellers and provide your inputs on the kind of customized jewellery you would like to have done.

  • 2. How long do you take to get a jewellery customized?

    It basically varies from case to case based on the requirements of the case. If the requirements are simple, then it takes lesser time else more time.

  • 3.Is it possible to resize or modify a jewellery so that it fits in with my needs?

    Yes, its possible based on the requirements and the kind of jewellery that is there. If not possible to meet us in person, just email us your requirements which will be discussed by us and the appropriate answer relayed back later.

  • 4.What is hallmarking?

    An item of gold or silver jewellery must undergo testing carried out at an Assay Office. Each item must meet the legal standard of purity. If the item passes the test, then it is stamped with the relevant hallmark that states that its of international standard quality and purity. A hallmark certificate details all of these.

  • 5.Is it essential to rely on a certificate for a jewellery quality and value?

    Its advisable since a certificate is a proof that a particular piece of gemstone has been examined by an independent gemological laboratory. Further, the report will also disclose the measurements and grading of the jewellery which tell the quality and value of a particular piece of gemstone.


  • 1. What's the difference between 14 karat and 18 karat Gold?

    To be usable for Jewellery, Gold is alloyed into 18 karat gold (75% pure gold) and 14 karat gold (58.3% pure gold).The difference is that 18 karat gold is richer and has a deeper gold color than 14 karat gold

  • 2. Why is Gold measured in carats?

    The story goes back a long way, to the ancient times in the Mediterranean / Middle East, when Carat was first used to measure the purity of Gold Alloys. The same continues to this day. Today, Gold's purity is measured in terms of fineness, that is, parts per thousand.

  • 3. How does one distinguish Gold Jewellery from Imitation Jewellery?

    With the help of Karat Machine, Gold Jewellery can be distinguished from Imitation Jewellery. Another way is Imitation Jewellery is generally lightweight and loses its colour when checked against tone.

  • 4. What is meant by 'Carat'?

    When describing Gold it describes the purity of the gold that is used. Gold that is too pure is generally too soft for everyday use. That is why most Gold when used for Jewellery, is mixed with other metals (this mixing is called Alloys) to make it more suitable for Jewellery purpose.

    The lower the carat the lower will be the Gold content. For instance,

    • 9ct 37.5% pure gold
    • 14ct 58.5% pure gold
    • 18ct 75% pure gold
    • 22ct 91.6% pure gold<
  • 5. What does KDM mean when used for Gold?

    KDM is a metal known as Cadmium (Kadium). The scientific code is 48 Cd 112.41.Cd = Cadmium,Atomic No. 48,Melting Point 320.9°C,Boiling Point 765°C.