About Us

Suraj Bhan Babulal & Co. Jewellers, the oldest jewellery company for more than 100 years - the oldest & famous jewellers of Hyderabad and Secunderabad reputed in Traditional to Latest jewellery with Quality Assurance and expertise in Jewellery field. Suraj Bhan Babulal & Co. Jewellers has been copyright before 100 years. The company is Hallmark certified jewellery dealer by Bureau of Indian Standards (Govt. of India).

Our company has dedicated team and stocks some of the most articulately designed jewellery you will ever find, form elegant to precise modeling and casting.

Company stock a large quantity & specialize with best craftmanship & designs of Diamonds, Rose cut, Uncut Diamonds, Platinum, Plain Gold, Rubies, Emeralds, Cubic Zirconia and all Gemstones, Studded jewellery to Hyderabadi Pearls & Silver utensils.

Company also stock in all sizes and shapes of precious and semi precious Gem and Birth stones for Astrological purposes. Suraj Bhan Babulal & Co. Jewellers invite you to explore the incredibly beautiful world in ornamental aesthetics. You are sure to discover more than just exquisite jewellery !!

Aged and matured in the wisdom of tradition and experience, portraying trust in the market, accountability in operations, reliability in service and transparent & honest dealings with customer, the Suraj Bhan Babulal & Co. Jewellers took to a flying start and has since been scaling newer untouched heights.